Athleisure Beauty: Cosmetics For A Healthy And On-The-Go Lifestyle

The new Athleisure concept favors wellbeing for an active life. 

The Athleisure (athlete + leisure) trend emerged with those who value wellbeing, functionality and minimalism. Driven by the fitness and fashion markets, it quickly reached the beauty seg-ment, where it found consumers eager for cosmetic innovations favoring an active lifestyle. 

Data from Global Data 2017 and Nielsen 2016 show that 69% of the Generation X and 64% of Baby Boomers exercise at least once a week. Among the Millennials, this number reaches 72%. As a result, more than 1/4 of worldwide consumers are interested in cosmetics they can use in the gym or while exercising.

As a complement to an athletic lifestyle, athleisure beauty is a cosmetic niche with makeup, hair care, and body care solutions, and several beauty brands around the world are following this trend. To meet the demands of this new group of consumers, brands have to understand the routine of an active life, the physiological changes that take place while exercising, and the im-pacts on the usability of these products.

Sweatproof, multifunctional and portable products have gained visibility, in addition to devices that can monitor health and beauty. Consequently, the cosmetic industry has also joined this revolution and, as a result, has introduced creative and innovative solutions to support these new market opportunities. 

Chemyunion Workout line has natural active ingredients that moisturize and fight un-pleasant odors. Product formulations boost hair and skin care during workouts. We give special attention, respectively, to some ingredients and formula suggestions that are multifunctional and on-the-go: 

• Hidrahair® AD: high performance in reducing residues and sediments caused by pollu-tants, chlorine and products that cause build up; 
• AcquaBio: functional polysaccharides that promote skin biological moisturizing based on an intelligent water distribution mechanism, barrier restoration, and skin water reten-tion. Long-lasting effect even when the product is not reapplied. It also stimulates colla-gen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production; 
• Hebeatol® Plus: functional xylitol ester with antimicrobial and deodorant properties. It eliminates 99.9% of the microorganisms that cause unpleasant odors. Extended effect up to 24 hours. Cosmos certified ingredient; 
• Polluout: a biopolymeric film-forming active that reduces deposition of pollution parti-cles on the hair fiber; 
• Slimbuster® L 3R: eliminates cellulite and localized fat by activating lipolysis (the break-down of fat) and reducing lipogenesis (fat build-up); 
• Mitoclean: dehydrated coconut water that replenishes minerals and nutrients lost due to excessive sweating. Improves detoxification and cell energy; 
• Chemysoap S 3R: saponified vegetable butter that helps remove makeup while main-taining moisture and the skin barrier. 

• Pre and Post-Workout Isotonic: leaves hair with a cooler look before the workout. It can also be used for body care for moisturizing, to replenish minerals and to detoxify the skin instantaneously. Its formulation has been potentialized to eliminate unpleasant odors caused by excessive sweating; 
• Concentrated Shampoo: removes excess oiliness and sweat without being aggressive to the skin and hair. Its formulation contains natural agents that promote a wellness feeling after the workout. Due to its high concentration, this product supports eco-friendly and on-the-go claims, as it can be bottled in smaller bottles that are easy to carry; 
• Concentrated Conditioner: a multifunctional option in post-workout care. It has moisturizing active ingredients that deeply nurture the skin and hair while a deodorant agent eliminates unpleasant odors caused by excessive sweating; 
• Pre-Workout Anticellulite Spray Cream: convenient and easy to use, it activates the breakdown of fat and reduces cellulite, boosting the results expected from physical ex-ercising; 
• Post-Workout Detox Cleansing Wipes: help with moisturizing and provide vitamins and nutrients for skin detoxification; 
• Makeup Eraser Stick: removes makeup and facilitates skin cleansing, while keeping skin moisture and restoring the skin barrier. It can be used during shower.