Biolumitá® - Triple-action for more luminous-looking skin

Biolumitá® is a powerful skin lightening agent that can also be used to balance uneven skin tones. Extracted from the rhizome of the Chinese Ginger plant (Alpina officinarium), it is rich in galangin, a compound from the flavonoid group. Biolumitá acts throughout the skin's natural three-step pigmentation process:

1. Production of melanosomes: Biolumitá® works to reduce the production of endothelin-l, a peptide involved in the formation of melanosomes and essential to melanogenesis – the synthesis of melanin in its interior.
2.  Melanogenesis: Biolumitá® reduces the transcription of tyrosinase and TRP-1, essential enzymes in the production of melanin.
3. Melanosomes transport: Biolumitá® reduces the production of adrenomedullin, a mediator that stimulates the melanocyte dendricity, compromising the transport of melanosomes to the keratinocytes, essential to the completion of the skin pigmentation process.

Efficacy Testing
Melanin stain – Fontana Masson stain

Comparison of Caucasian skin after exposure to UVA (3 J/cm2) radiation and treated with the active ingredients for 48 hours. Shown at 400X magnification.

Photographic Evaluation – Visia®-CR
Images of hyperpigmented areas (dark spots) before and after a 60-day treatment with Biolumitá® 0.5%.

Images of skin tone balance before and after a 60-day treatment with Biolumitá® 0.5%