Chemysoap S 3R helps protect the skin during the bath

Especially in warmer weather, the combined action of using soap in a hot water shower, may cause skin to become dry, whitish and much more sensitive. In order to maintain the skin’s hydration in this situation, Chemysoap S 3R, from Chemyunion, should be used to help protect the skin’s barrier. Increased attention to the skin during this time is critical to ensuring the health and integrity of the skin.

The evolution and action of soaps

Since 1500 BC, animal fats, plants and alkaline salts have been combined to aromatize baths for personal hygiene, often with pharmaceutical effects.

In addition to the dirt, sweat and dead skin cells that surfactant soaps provided during warm water bathing, they also removed part of the lipid barrier of the skin. The result was a reduction in the natural protection from the barrier that promotes hydration and a healthier appearance. Skin became increasingly dry, whitish and aged in appearance as well as sensitive to irritation and itching.

Chemysoap S 3R performance

Chemysoap S 3R is created by the saponification of triglycerides in butter and plant extracts from Palm trees. This benefits the formulation of liquid or bar soaps, and assures a creamy foam. In addition to the creamy texture, Chemysoap S 3R also promotes the perfect functionality and maintenance of the cutaneous barrier, causing it to stand out from other surfactant compounds on the market.


Among the benefits that make Chemysoap S 3R an ideal asset for keeping the skin hydrated, it offers:

·        Improvement of the physical properties of bar soaps due to reduced water absorption provides less wear and increased durability, plus a reduction of surface cracking.

·        Moisturizing and protective properties of skin barrier because of its exceptional oil composition.


Efficacy tests of Chemysoap S 3R

In tests conducted using 15 volunteers between 18 and 65 years and the use of bar soap containing 1% Chemysoap S 3R vs. another product (placebo), results demonstrated proof of benefit to both the moisturizing effect and skin barrier shield: Chemysoap S 3R improved skin hydration by 29% compared to initial condition and demonstrated a difference of up to 38.7% when compared to placebo.

Additional benefit: the application of 1% Chemysoap S 3R decreased water loss through the skin barrier by 24.60% after 2 hours of use.


Previous tests performed using liquid soap with Chemysoap S 3R 0.2% showed improved results on skin barrier repair than the liquid soap placebo in every case.

Chemysoap S 3R  aids in skin hydration and improves of the physical properties of bar soaps. The product can be adapted to bar soap, liquid soap, shower gel or other cleaning liquid formulations. It is ideal for hygiene, cleansing milk, facial cleansing gels, foams, and many others.


• Deep cleans without damage: moisturizes the skin and maintains barrier

• Improves the physical properties of bar soap

• More abundant and creamy foam


Concentration of Use

• Soap bar: from 1%

• Liquid soap: from 0.2%

To find out more about Chemysoap S 3R, please contact Chemyunion, globally recognized for encompassing technological expertise and market trends for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands.