Chemyunion - NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2017

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What is new?

SkinBlitz launch - Our new active that reduces the permeation of pollutants and provides DNA protection while avoiding skin hyperpigmentation.

New tests of Biolumitá® - Works synergystically with classical lightening agents for a more perfect complexion. Biolumitá® improves the lightening effects on face, axilla and bikini line.

Revinage®- Recent in silico, in vitro and stability tests provide an excellent opportunity to target the “midorexia” (a new trend) segment while offering a retinol-like and multi-target concept aimed to fight the signs of aging skin.

New Tests: GoBlond. We have the results of new testing on GoBlond to determine its efficacy in specific DIY treatment products. GoBlond was named one of the Top 5 Actives of 2016 according to Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science, and published on 20-December-2016 on

Hebeatol® Range - Use less product, get the same results. Now you can formulate a preservative-free product with a greater cost-benefit. 

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