Maximum Brightness and Protection for Bleached and Dyed Hair in One-Step

Changing hair color often accompanies changes in fashion trends and at times, developments in hair treatments. It's no coincidence that changing hair color is one of the most common services in today’s salons. GoBlond, a cosmetic active compound, uses silk proteins to facilitate the bleaching process and ensure the integrity of the hair fiber.

GoBlond – Platinum blonde without compromising the strands!
Among hair changing processes, the bleaching of the strands is one that most damages the structure of the strands, leaving them looking dry and brittle. The bleaching process opens the hair cuticle, permeates the cortex and oxidizes the melanin. But, since this activity is not selective, it also destroys the bridges of keratin, which promotes the weakening of the strands.

Chemyunuion’s GoBlond employs silk proteins, a unique technology, as a cosmetic active to protect the strands during the process. In this way, GoBlond provides a complete bleaching process without compromising the hair fiber, and protecting the hair’s keratin chains and cuticles.

New Data - Dyed hair

Recent work has been performed to determine the efficacy in dyeing processes. These tests prove GoBlond increases brightness by up to 97% after the dyeing process, compared to the same process without the active application. When applied in specific formulations for dyed hair treatment, GoBlond increases the brightness by 57% and improves the hair fiber texture after 6 applications. For the maintenance of bleached hair the brightness was increased by up to 19%.

New Data - Curly hair - bleaching process 30v

GoBlond has also a proven efficacy in reducing the loss of curly hair shape during the bleaching process. GoBlond increased the curl protection by 57% when the Ox was 20v and by 61.5% with the 30v Ox.

GoBlond – Efficacy Test
In tests conducted with GoBlond, the use of the active demonstrates increased strength of hair fibers by 12.4%, while a competitive product presented 11.9%. Additionally, in testing for maintenance of fiber density and protection of strands, GoBlond demonstrated a 14.5% increase while the competing product showed a 13.4% improvement.

GoBlond demonstrated better results in the overall look of the hair – a greater sense of softness and brightness – when compared with the competitor.

  • Protects hair during the bleaching and dyeing process; 
  • Reduces significantly curls elongation during bleaching process; 
  • Maintains and restores hair health; 
  • Improves strength and protects hair when applied in treatment maintenance products; 
  • Increased lightening vs. benchmark. 
GoBlond was one of the 5 Top Actives in 2016 according to Belinda Carli, Director, at Institute of Personal Care Science. 

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