Pocket Spa - Well-being in the time and space of the consumer

The Consumer

However, the search for well-being and a relaxing moment is still growing. It´s not by change that there is 4X more SPAs in the world than Starbucks. SPAs offer services and products for a complete skin care, yet it’s costly. In the current economic scenario, this “treat” does not fit into most families’ pockets. However, consumers are not giving up the well-being that this kind of services and products offer.

For that reason, Chemyunion developed the Pocket Spa concept. A complete body care line that was specially developed to pamper your body the way Spa do but in the time, resource and space of the consumer.

In-shower Body Lotion

Multifunctional shower with the creaminess, delight and relaxation that your body deserves.

How to use: during shower, apply the product on wet and clean skin, massaging it. Rinse off.

Contains: AcquaBioOmega PlusSlimbuster L 3REmulfeel SGP, Pureact WS Conc, Hebeatol Plus

Body Isotonic

For any moment when the skin need moisturization and regeneration.

How to use: it can be used at any time, during the day or night, before or at exercises or even after solar exposition.  

Contains: AcquaBioAcquasolv, Finsolv TN, Hebeatol Plus

Body Wash

The creamy and soft bath that cleanses the skin while caring and preserving the skin barrier.

How to use: it can be used as a liquid soap during shower, preferably with a sponge to enrich foaming.

Contains: Chemysoap S 3R, Pureact WS Conc e Hebeatol Plus  

Firming Mousse

To look after the body at the right spot and time.

How to use: apply twice a day, after shower or at any time with light massaging. Fast absorption.  

Chemyunion has exclusive partnership with Innospec in Brazil. To learn more about Pureact WS Conc and Finsolv TN please contact our sales department.