Revinage® - The real bio-retinol

With life expectancy increasing around the world, there are more and more people who reach advanced age with good health and disposition. A youthful appearance, with firm and revitalized skin is the desire of most of these men and women! To support this end, Chemyunion's Revinage® has an effective anti-aging action, a plant-based alternative to retinoids for the treatment of aging skin, free from the active traditional stability problems!

Revinage® Action:

Retinoids are among the most prescribed dermatological therapeutic agents for the treatment of many common, yet clinically important skin diseases, such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and ichitiose, in addition to its benefits for the treatment of intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Its compounds related to vitamin A and its derivatives were introduced to dermatology in the early 60s, porém, entre as desvantagens há a instabilidade à luz e oxidação, além de efeitos colaterais adversos, como irritação da pele e fotossensibilidade, com muitos pacientes relatando uma sensação desagradável mesmo evitando o sol.

As an alternative active ingredient to traditional retinoids, Revinage® from Chemyunion has anti-aging action, safely regulating metabolic actions, increasing collagen production, reducing free radical production and with an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. With Picão Preto (Bidens pilosa) vegetal base, plant present in several brazilian territories, Revinage® does not show difficulties of stability like traditional retinoids.

Efficacy Tests:

The clinical efficacy assessment of Revinage® was conducted in 40 healthy female volunteers aged 35-55, appying 2% Revinage® twice a day, in the region of the face (periorbital region). A decrease in the deeper wrinkles, even after 28 days of treatment with Revinage®, can be clearly observed, with a better elasticity and hyperpigmented decreaseof the facial skin after 56 days of treatment.

Revinage® effect on deep wrinkles of the facial skin (periorbital region) after 28 days of continuous treatment measured by PRIMOS.

New Data 

Revinage® is rich in phytol, a precursor of phytanic acid, that is a ligand of Retinoid X Receptor (RXR) as shown by our in silico studies.

Revinage® benefits

  • Provides a soothing effect
  • Controls skin oiliness
  • Offers a skin lightening effect
  • Controls skin barrier
  • Reaches the deepest layers of the skin in 4 hours
  • High stability to photodegradation and oxidation 


Revinage® can be applied in cream, lotion, non-transparent gel, gel-cream, serum and oil for the treatment of aging and photoaging skin, with concentration of use 1-3%.

For more advantages of Revinage®, contact Chemyunion, a Brazilian company with presence in more than 50 countries around the globe that combines technological expertise and knowledge of market trends for skin, hair, plant-based preservatives, and functional and sensorial excipients.

To find out more about Revinage®, please contact Chemyunion, globally recognized for encompassing technological expertise and market trends for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands.