SkinBlitz - The supreme anti-pollution defense

Pollutants cause countless a series of damages to the body: it provokes the destruction of skin layers, reduces cells proliferation, cellular differentiation and favor hyperpigmentation.

A solution that could hold the pollutants from reaching the skin would be ideal. To innovate in this direction Chemyunion has evaluated many different possibilities of films, which could hold pollutants out with proven efficacy. This was the path to SkinBlitz which efficacy was compared to a standard film-forming agent, delivering 65% less pollutant permeation.


  • Reduces permeation of polluting agents by 65%
  • Protects the DNA of cells exposed to pollution, inhibiting premature aging
  • Inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by pollution
  • Reduces levels of biomarkers of environmental stress by 55% (HSP70)
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: reduces 37% of IL-6 (Interleukin-6)

SkinBlitz is more effective than any other products in the market as they do not prove that the pollutants are not reaching the skin in any level.

To find out more about SkinBlitz, please contact Chemyunion, globally recognized for encompassing technological expertise and market trends for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands.