Urban stress: modern times require ingredients for skin protection

80% of the world’s population live in areas that exceed the air quality limits recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and are therefore more prone to develop acne, psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis.


Consumers have been changing their lifestyle and looking for products to protect against the damage caused by pollution and urban stress. 

It is a fact: modern times necessitate formulas for perfect skin. You can rely on the following powerful ingredients that are scientifically proven to protect against the harmful effects of urban life. 


SkinBlitz The first anti-pollution active product that reduces the permeation of pollutants by 65% with a polymer film that provides a more protected and healthy skin. SkinBlitz inhibits hyperpigmentation and has calming properties, reducing IL-6 (interleukin-6) production by 37%. 


AcquaBio an active product that provides 72 hours of hydration through a biological mechanism. It stimulates envelope proteins (involucrin and filaggrin), while increasing the flow of water inside the epidermis, stimulating the production of Aquaporin-3. AcquaBio also ensures water retention in the skin, by producing glycosaminoglycans that in turn, help increase the production of collagen and elastin. 


Biolumitá® An active product with triple whitening action that acts on the three main pathways of skin pigmentation: melanin synthesis, and the production and transport of melanosomes. Biolumitá® can reduce hyperpigmentation by up to 40%, and increases skin brightness by up to 107%. Its effectiveness is proven on the face, underarms and groin, bringing an excellent whitening result with uniformity of skin tone. 


Hygeaphos® An active product that reduces the oiliness of the skin by 25%, while also reducing the symptoms of discomfort caused by acne. 

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